Release/ Upgrade Wash


Over time rail cars need attention, Whether the interior walls have thickened from overuse or the rail car owner is planning a service upgrade, a caustic wash is often used.  In our experiences most customers have us perform a caustic wash any time a rail car is due for HM- 201 compliance testing.

Our highly trained personnel use a commercial alkaline wash water solution containing 1-2 percent sodium hydroxide to perform a caustic wash procedure.  The caustic solutions that are used are certified and meet Food specifications.

When that step is finished, we repeat the cleaning process to returns the tank’s interior to a bare metal condition. Our process is extremely effective in removing baked on vegetable oil skins and solidified residues.

DFS takes pride in employing the absolute Best Industrial cleaning staff available,  We will not only BEAT any competitors prices but we will out work them in both production & quality.  Give us the opportunity to prove ourselves, if you are unsatisfied with our service its FREE.

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