Fogger Washes


We work closely with our customers to determine the best cleaning methods for the project at hand. Our cleaning plan of action varies depending on the commodity being hauled.

When required, steam can be used to clean tank interiors. We frequently take an additional step and use a fogger wash system. Using 180 + degree high-pressure water orbiting dual-nozzle spinners allows us to clean every inch of the interior.  Water at this temperature inside a closed area produces large clouds of steam, making Fogger washes an appropriate name.

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When a fogging wash is finished, Our confined space entry trained personnel remove any residue left behind. Once the heavy residue is removed, our team carefully cleans the lid, unloading valves, man way rim, cap, gaskets and other critical control points.
If requested, the tank may then be washed with a detergent and sanitized. After the vessel is air dried the surfaces may be tested. Finally, after 112 point final inspection, the dome, cap and valves are secured and security seals placed where required.  DFS will do anything need to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, let us prove to you why we are the best in the industry.
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