Water Blasting


DFS offers water blasting cleaning solutions, ranging from hot water 5000 PSI to 40,000 PSI, spanning across multiple industries and applications.

DFS recognizes that safety is key factor  when water blasting. Our industry leading "Blasters"undergo a rigorous training program,  Our water blasting programs takes on average 1 years to complete.  During that time candidates undergo both theoretical and practical hands-on training, then become apprentices, before finally earning their water blasting card. DFS is often hired by other industrial cleaning companies to complete their difficult project.

As one of leaders in the industry we ensure precision and efficiency, allowing our customers to receive the Best final product possible. Give us the opportunity to prove ourselves, If you are unsatisfied with our services- Its FREE!

Industrial Cleaning Services


  • Different Pressures 5k-40k PSI
  • Hot & Cold application
  • Safety Trained "Blasters"
  • New Equipment


  • Low Operating Costs
  • Easily Set-up
  • Will Remove Almost Anything

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