Turnaround Services


A fundamental aspect of ongoing operations in several industries, turnaround maintenance services can prevent significant revenue losses due to extended periods of downtime.

At DFS, we excel at providing the resources, experience and the process creativity to create one-of-a-kind solutions, using industry leading technologies, to make your next turnaround as simple as possible. An constant emphasis on people, policy and procedure allows DFS to offer the absolute best turnaround services in the industry. Our Operations teams work with you to determine the most cost-effective safest processes and proper equipment to forecast an accurate project timeline.

DFS's highly trained, safety conscious and experienced personnel, combined with industry best equipment, can complete any turnaround project.  Completed On-Time, Every Time!

Complete Industrial Cleaning Services
  • Safe Removal & Transport of material.
  • Dry & Wet Capabilities
  • Modern Equipment enabling Safe Disposal of Materials.
  • Variable Pressures (5K to 40K PSI)
  • Tailored Solutions To Meet Your Companies Needs.
  • DFS Built Dual Rotating Heads

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