Is Your Facility Being Cleaned Properly?

Is Your Facility Being Cleaned Properly?

Daily Facility Services has found that 6 out of 10 facilities we’re called upon to inspect haven’t being cleaned properly. This type of improper care can lead to a host of problems for your company, including product defects during manufacturing, damaged equipment, and even workplace hazards and accidents. Needless to say, these types of situations must be avoided, which is why hiring the right company for your industrial cleaning and maintenance services is so important. It’s a proactive approach to your company’s longevity, as well as an investment in your company’s future!

Dirt and debris that show up on or in paint films can include fibers, sanding dust, metal particles including weld balls from the body shop, oven dirt (condensate and carbonized resin), and general dust and grit. Most defects caused by this debris appear as bumps, and must be cross-sectioned to get an idea of what exactly is in these bumps. Resin gel particles, pigment agglomerates, and paint chips and flakes are just a few examples of what the defects can be comprised of. There are other defects as well, such as paint drops, gun spits, and over-spray. These and substrate defects, solvent pops, and gassing are often mistaken for dirt, and lead to a great deal of time, effort and money spent trying to resolve the problem.
The best way to avoid such waste is to hire an industrial cleaning company that can ensure problems like these are kept to an absolute minimum.

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