Facility Management Services reach 10 Year high

Facility Management Services reach 10 Year high

Since the production of a vast amount of steel products increased in the last 6 months, more and more facilities are having a difficult time finding Good industrial cleaning companies to clean their machinery and facility.  So many "so called" industrial cleaning companies are surfacing all over the United States,  Industrial cleaning is more then a few mop buckets and brooms.  It a complex understanding of a facilities needs and proper facility mapping to ensure cost-effective cleaning execution.

Daily Facility Services is a complete facility management company, we handle bathrooms to water blasting heavy machinery.  We firmly believe in the 3 P's, People, Policy and Procedure.

  • People: DFS has recruited the best workforce possible, from skilled trades to our labor force.  We unite as one team and accomplish any size project.
  • Policy: DFS has created and uses the most-effective polices that cover safety, customer relations, emergency situation and several other subjects relating to the industry.
  • Procedure:  This is One of our most important values, Having the latest most technology efficient plan for every situation is our "Secret Sauce."

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