Is Your Facility Being Cleaned Properly?

Is Your Facility Being Cleaned Properly?

Daily Facility Services has found that 6 out of 10 facilities we’re called upon to inspect haven’t being cleaned properly. This type of improper care can lead to a host of problems for your company, including product defects during manufacturing, damaged equipment, and even workplace hazards and accidents. Needless to say, these types of situations […]

Best Industrial Cleaning Company

Daily Facility Services was voted Best Industrial Cleaning Company in Flatrock, MI! Flatrock isn’t the only city that has come to rely on us for all their industrial cleaning needs! With services like industrial steam cleaning and turnaround to industrial vacuuming and tank car cleaning, we’re equipped to handle nearly any type of cleaning in […]

Facility Management Services reach 10 Year high

Since the production of a vast amount of steel products increased in the last 6 months, more and more facilities are having a difficult time finding Good industrial cleaning companies to clean their machinery and facility.  So many "so called" industrial cleaning companies are surfacing all over the United States,  Industrial cleaning is more then […]

Safer Tank Car Standards

FRA: Rail Industry Is Meeting Safer Tank Car Standards Three years ago, the federal government rolled out new safety standards for trains amid a growing number of oil shipments and derailments. Now, railroad companies are using safer tank cars to carry hazardous materials like crude oil throughout Wisconsin. In May 2015, the U.S. Department of […]