About Us


DFS is a leading team of highly skilled professionals in the field of industrial cleaning. With absolutely no re-portables and a 100% success rate, we have become the go-to company for all your industrial cleaning and facility management needs.

Planning For Success

Our Philosophy

Here at DFS, we are big believers in the 3 P's.
People, Policy and Procedure.
Place highly skilled People in the right positions with the right tools, and they will succeed.
Have the correct Policies in place, allowing our clients to hold us to the higher standards they’ve come to expect.
Have the best Standard Operating Procedures in place for every situation, providing our employees with the knowledge they need to carry out their duties safely and efficiently.
By investing in our people, we’ve been able to achieve one of the industry’s highest employee-retention rates.

Our Story

Several years ago, our founder Terry Crump was running operations for the then largest industrial cleaning company in the USA. Dissatisfied with how the company treated their employees and overcharged customers, Terry decided it was time to recruit the All-Stars and found Daily Facility Services.

Since 2013 DFS has taken pride in being a "different type" of industrial cleaning company with focusing on customer relationships and cost-effective solutions.  Year after year growth has allowed us to expand our service area to service the entire United States with the Best possible industrial cleaning and facility management services available.

Our Team

Terry Crump-Owner/CEO
Terry Crump-Owner/CEO

Terry has been working in the industrial cleaning industry for close to 20 years. He enjoys spending time with his son, fishing, gardening and playing poker.

Jason Fields-Vice President
Jason Fields-Vice President

Jason has a bachelor’s degree from Penn State and has been working in and around the industrial cleaning industry for over 18 years. In his spare time, he enjoys working on cars, bird watching and woodworking.

Jennifer Dysart-CFO
Jennifer Dysart-CFO

Jennifer has worked in the financial industry for over 15 years, and she loves bringing her financial expertise to DFS. In her spare time, she loves shopping, decorating doll houses and quilting.

Are Your Facilities Receiving Proper Cleaning?

We offer free, no-obligation consultations and assessments. Our team can inspect the current conditions and cleaning procedures of your facility and offer you an assessment based on safety, efficiency and the latest government regulations, complete with recommendations on how we can help you improve.